Adult Sunday School

From the Adult Sunday School Teacher

It is an exciting time for me when we meet to study our lessons on Sunday Morning.  It is a casual atmosphere where coffee is always available and sometimes snacks while we study. At the beginning of class we go over our prayer list for any updates or additions then I open with prayer. As we get into our lesson, participation is on a voluntary basis. No one gets pointed out. All that attend the Adult class are encouraged to take part in discussing what our lessons are about.

My goal is to bring each lesson, whether it’s in the Old or New Testament, so it applies to things we face every day. In my studies and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit as I prepare each lesson, I have found that Christians and Non-Christians today are not much different from the Israelite people back in Bible days.  We commit the same sins they did and must ask God to forgive us of our sins as they did. I would be greatly humbled if you would come and visit with us this Sunday for Sunday School and Worship time. God Bless You and Your Family.

Love in Christ:

Adult Class Teacher
Merle Bridge