Summer-Party In USA 6/11 – 6/29

Givhans Baptist Church Summer Program






Program runs from 6:30 am until 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Join us for “Party in the USA”. The first week of camp, we will “visit” a different state each day, from Hawaii to New York,
learning about each one’s exciting History!  Week two we are heading to the Wild, Wild West! Don’t forget your boots and
Cowboy hats while we explore folklores and camp songs, and let’s not forget line dancing!  Our last week of camp, we will
hold an election. Each child can run for Camp President!  We will also write our own Camp Declaration of Independence!

 Each week will also include a day trip to places such as Fort Moultrie, Charleston Fire Museum, Aiken Rhett House.

 Tuition starts at $65 a week or $20 a day, with discounts for multiple children!
 $55 for 2nd and $45 for 3rd

              Registration starts April 16th.

Registration fee is $50 Individual or $75 Family for each camp or
$100 Individual and $150 Family for all 3 camps.

The mission of GBC Summer Program is to provide a high quality program in a safe and
nurturing environment which promotes the physical, social, emotional and spiritual development
of children ages 5-13.

For more information, you can contact Stephanie Hale at: